Welcome to Sue Kelly Water Systems in 2020.

We are anticipating a satisfying year providing the solutions required to improve the quality of water available to you, for all concerned about the deterioration.

If your New Year resolutions included your improved health and well-being, we can help in providing high water quality in your home for you and your family and look forward to hearing from you.


High quality Nitrate-safe water requires high quality Internationally Certified water purifiers with proven performance.

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd enjoys an enviable reputation for knowledge, experience and integrity - particularly in treating water to reduce Nitrate.

  • Increasing Nitrate in groundwater from rural wells coupled with increased awareness of the known negative health risks associated with the group of chemicals Nitrate/Nitrite are part of, is challenging authorities and focussing attention.
  • Nitrate is colourless, odourless and tasteless so reputable water testing is required to assess levels in water.  Ask now.
  • A 2018 Danish study has shown correlation between Nitrates in drinking water and increased colo-rectal cancers.
  • The  "trigger point" reported for increased risk is dramatically lower than the 11.3g/m3 Maximum Acceptable Value (MAV) for NZ. 
  • New Zealand has one of the highest rates of bowel cancers worldwide.
  • Are you worried about the negative health effects of Nitrates?
  • Looking for a water filter or water treatment system NOW to dramatically reduce Nitrates?

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have guaranteed solutions to reduce Nitrates in drinking water. For information on the most effective method to purify water with Nitrates, contact us now.  Most simple water filters cannot effectively reduce Nitrate levels but we have specialised in he most effective and economical water treatment method to safeguard ground water from Nitrates for over 25 years.

  • Two different models of under bench water purifiers for food preparation, cooking, drinking and making babies formula.
  • Whole house systems are available but are not economical compared to the under bench water purifiers.

Remember the simple joy of drinking cool, clear, great tasting water – we can guarantee that the water available to you will have dramatically reduced Nitrates for your protection. Peace of mind is guaranteed with the incorporated Water Quality Monitor.  Without exception, everyone who has installed one of our Nitrate reducing water purifiers, is delighted to have their water improved – sparkling clean, clear, safeguarded from Nitrate and great tasting.

Contact us now for a no-obligation free discussion on how we can dramatically improve the water available to you – wherever you are.


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Protect your valuable assets with a whole house water treatment installed at or near the point of entry (POE) to your home.

You can stop deterioration and damage due to corrosion or hardness with whole house water treatment units.

The benefits in protecting your major asset far outweigh the cost and damage caused by hardness scale, hot water cylinder damage, cylinder elements failing, corrosion from chlorine or low pH – can all be so expensive and inconvenient.

Contact us now for our guaranteed solutions to all water problems.

We can arrange installation by experienced plumbers – so you can relax and enjoy the improved water quality.


What's getting into your food?

Whatever contaminant concerns you; Chlorine, E.coli, Campylobacter, Protozoan cysts, Nitrates, Heavy metals or Fluoride, we have a water purifier to dramatically reduce it and safeguard water for all food preparation, cooking, babies formula and all drinks.

Enjoy the pleasure of cool clear safe drinking water in your kitchen– no worries about bacteria, chlorine or chemicals, just great tasting pure water, vibrant good health and total peace of mind for your family.

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Skin problems? Eczema? Dry hair?

Hard water, harsh water, staining water – all unpleasant water problems we can solve for you with a range of water treatment systems.

Irritated scalp, skin problems and inflamed eyes from chlorine in water can be soothed so you can enjoy the pleasures of high quality water throughout your home.