The increase in nitrate levels in Canterbury groundwater and rivers cannot be disputed. Nitrates have increased in conjunction with the intensive farming practices by the dairy industry, under government supervision via Environment Canterbury.


Nitrates affect the transfer of oxygen in the haemoglobin and can result in Methemoglobinaemia (blue baby syndrome) effecting brain development and possibly death in bottle fed babies.

Pregnant women, foetuses and bottle fed babies are the most vulnerable.

The group of Chemicals that Nitrates are part of has been associated with 15 different types of cancers (a wider range of tumours than any other group of carcinogens) thyroid function, birth defects and other health conditions.

The Reverse Osmosis water purification process has been tested and proven to reduce Nitrates by at least 80%.

Actual laboratory test results in NZ of the reduction have been as high as 97.7%.

People worried about Nitrates in the water available to them, can be 100% confident that they, their family and staff are safeguarded, by installing a Reverse Osmosis water purifier for their food preparation, cooking, drinking and baby’s bottles.

Sue Kelly Water Systems has two different RO models to choose from: a slim compact unit from America that has a Water Quality Monitor incorporated to check the reduction rate and also a larger unit with an extra preliminary filter before the RO membrane that is assembled in Taiwan.

    ‘I had the water tested for bacteria and it came back clear but our symptoms were persisting. After almost two months at the address and no answers I decided to pay the money and have further tests done on the water. Our test came back showing that our water was very high in Nitrates – the level was 16. It also showed our water was very hard. We installed a Reverse Osmosis system for our drinking water and the transformation in our daughter has been remarkable. We watched her eczema literally disappear from her body. My symptoms of nausea and lack of appetite have also disappeared. This is just our experience. For us changing our water has brought about a dramatic improvement in our health issues. Nitrates were an issue that I was completely unaware of. We are now into our 3rd week of being healthy and happy’.