Iron and Manganese

BIRM for lower levels of iron and manganese

Streaks, stains and deposits.
Elevated levels of Iron and Manganese can be the most challenging of water treatment requirements as the associated staining can very quickly create deterioration of all bathroom fittings, shower enclosures, tiles and grouting, laundry and even hair colour.
Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd has several Iron water treatment units to dramatically reduce the levels of all forms of Iron plus Manganese.

1. An American media specifically designed to reduce both Iron and Manganese by oxidation and filtration in a FRP media tank fitted with an electronic control valve that operates completely automatically with periodic backwashing and rinsing of the media to flush the oxidised minerals away. 
A pleated washable fine sediment filter follows for the very last vestiges of colour.
No chemicals involved - virtually maintenance- free.

For extreme hardness, iron and manganese

A European water treatment media used extensively throughout Europe with brilliant results, on extremely high levels of Iron and Manganese.
The media is only relatively recently available in NZ  from Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd.
The treatment media is regenerated with a mild brine solution but is not just Softening Resin.
The multiple water treatment medias work together to successfully treat the most demanding of water conditions and deliver incredibly high quality water for your uses.  The results are spectacular!

  • N & S, KAIAPOI

    “Knowing we had to improve our water quality we got in touch with you and you recommended us the best treatment programme for our situation. You explained the process easily and were upfront with the costs involved. You were very professional and had much knowledge of your product making the whole process straight forward and hassle free. Thank you very much it has truly made a wonderful improvement to our water quality.”

    N & S, KAIAPOI
    We recently purchased a water softener and filtration system from Sue Kelly Water  Systems Ltd.  Our water quality was so bad it was almost undrinkable due to high levels of  iron and manganese.  The system she supplied has made a fantastic difference to the quality of the water, we can now drink it with confidence and pleasure.  Sue's advice, service and backup have been second to none and we highly recommend her very professional company.
    ‘Your service was excellent, prompt, helpful and efficient. Thank you.’
    ‘Your customer service has been outstanding, from the 1st phone call I felt like I was the only customer you had. You took time to explain what was happening and what the best options were. During my disaster phase when the pumps failed you took time to source one for me and get it to your warehouse saving me time rushing to town. This shows a classic example of great customer service often missed by other retailers! Keep up the great work!’
  • P & P HANMER
    “Thank you for giving us beautifully clear water!  Our water has always contained a high level of iron that caused cloudiness, a distinct metal taste and smell in the water.  Ice cubes were always brown – not good in a gin and tonic!  As well as staining all the bathroom and laundry fittings a horrid brown/black colour, many items of clothing, furnishings and parts of the outside stone cladding to the house are stained for life. Now the water is crystal clear, no taste, no smell, the WC pan has been scrubbed and the iron stain has gone.  The gin and tonics are better than ever!  Thank you Sue for changing our water supply so radically – we appreciate it.”
    P & P HANMER