Extreme Hardness, Iron and Manganese

Extreme Hardness, Iron and Manganese

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd offer a revolutionary European water treatment that is capable of dramatically reducing extremely high levels of Hardness, Iron and Manganese, as well as Tannins and Ammonium.
Ground water that until recently has been "untreatable" can be spectacularly improved with this single treatment unit - with brilliantly impressive results. 

It is a composite media consisting of 5 materials of different origin and properties - a blend of Medias used in a single media tank.

Developed in Europe in 1998 and distributed to 32 countries – now
including NZ.

Operates in a broad pH range.

Maximum Concentration Limits

Hardness as CaCO3                       750ppm

Iron (Ferrous, organic and colloidal) 15ppm

Manganese                                         3ppm

Tannins                                               5ppm

May also partially reduce Hydrogen Sulphide.

Operated completely automatically and economically with no toxic chemicals involved, it is a real "Life changer" in the water treatment industry.
Without exception all our clients who have had this unit installed, are absolutely delighted with their water quality!

Potassium Permanganate New Zealand

  • N & S, KAIAPOI
    “Knowing we had to improve our water quality we got in touch with you and you recommended us the best treatment programme for our situation. You explained the process easily and were upfront with the costs involved. You were very professional and had much knowledge of your product making the whole process straight forward and hassle free. Thank you very much it has truly made a wonderful improvement to our water quality.”
    N & S, KAIAPOI
    We recently purchased a water softener and filtration system from Sue Kelly Water  Systems Ltd.  Our water quality was so bad it was almost undrinkable due to high levels of  iron and manganese.  The system she supplied has made a fantastic difference to the quality of the water, we can now drink it with confidence and pleasure.  Sue's advice, service and backup have been second to none and we highly recommend her very professional company.
    Sue, Just a note to thank you for solving our water problems. As you know we have had serious Iron and more recently Manganese problems with our water for months - if not years. Eventually the manganese levels approached toxic levels that would have damaged our health. The iron was staining our washing, our dishes and even the side of the house. Your water softening and treatment system has solved the problems completely and we can now drink the tap water again. Many thanks
    As you know we have struggled with the water quality for many years, with varying degrees of improvement but none have come anywhere near the huge improvement we have gained with your new treatment material. We had virtually given up hope of ever being able to just have water on tap that we could use without all the hassles of staining and scale buildup in the toilet bowl, the shower and even the washing machine. We were sceptical but your enthusiasm and the information you provided us gave us hope that this time we really might have good clean water - and we have. It is just so nice to do a load of washing with the stains and scum. We are loving it! Many thanks Sue.