Nitrate Treatment comparisons

With over 25 years experience specialising in water treatment, we are aware of different treatment methods to reduce Nitrates.
We have known of single resin cartridges for treatment but unfortunately, in our opinion, there are significant cons that override the pros – particularly when the scientifically proven associated health risks of Nitrates are so high.

Our most significant concern is the lack of consistent, proven, long-term effective reduction of Nitrate.

The disparity between claims of volumes of water effectively treated varies widely – for the same cartridge.

Maintenance requirements are also variable. One supplier advises the cartridge can be partially restored but requires another housing and salt being used to create a brine solution to run through the cartridge.

How often?  How do you know when it is required?  How time-consuming?

The supplier states that the filter can block before the capacity is expended.
Another states the filter should be changed every 4 months when pregnant women and small children are using the water.
For water with more than 10ppm Nitrates, it should be changed at 760 Litres.
For water with greater than 20ppm Nitrates, it should be changed at 380 Litres.

High Nitrate levels greatly reduce the cartridge capacity and harmful levels of Nitrates can bleed through.
Water analyses are required to determine this, to avoid excessive Nitrate bleed through and for microbiological contaminants.
The cartridge should not to be used on microbiologically unsafe water or of unknown quality.

A flow restrictor may need to be installed to deliver at the stated 2 LPM.

There is no guarantee and no liability or responsibility/accountability for the accuracy of claims.

Would you be comfortable with the unknowns and risks associated with a single cartridge?

Compare the above unknowns, variables and concerns that come with a single cartridge treatment, with the guaranteed, internationally recognised and scientifically proven Reverse Osmosis water treatment method to reduce Nitrates – with total peace of mind.