New Zealand Drinking Water

New Zealand Drinking Water

Clean, clear water is not a luxury: it is a basic requirement for your health and well-being. We should all be grateful for New Zealand’s relatively abundant water and thankful we have the technology available to improve New Zealand’s drinking water and water for other purposes.

There are many types of water treatment solutions, filtration products and systems available in New Zealand to treat drinking water and water used for other purposes.

With over 20 years of practical experience, international training and research, we are happy to discuss your options and willing to spend time to ensure that you have the very best and most appropriate water treatment to best suit the prevailing conditions of your specific situation.

Contact us now to discuss the range of water treatment solutions available throughout New Zealand. We will match an appropriate water treatment solution to your specific situation and location in New Zealand.

New Zealand Drinking Water

We can help with water treatment solutions to a wide range of problems for water and drinking water in New Zealand.

  • Free assessment, professional advice and water testing service. It is a small investment that will pay for itself.
  • Reports prepared for resource consents / subdivision.
  • Design and installation of rural water treatment.
  • Commercial water treatment for New Zealand industry, aged care facilities etc.
  • Automatic backwashing whole house units or manual control valves.
  • Identifying which pollutants are in your water and the type of treatment that will work most effectively to reduce or destroy them, depending on whether the problem is chemical or micro biological.
  • Supplying the water treatment with the highest reliability, a complete back up and maintenance service and a dependable New Zealand wide warranty.

For pure, safe New Zealand drinking water and water, contact us today.

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