Water Softeners for hardness

Water Softeners

High levels of Calcium and Magnesium resulting in excessive Total Hardness can create havoc in a household.

Glassware, dishwasher, appliances, pipe work, hot water cylinder, jug or kettle and the shower enclosure along with other glass can all be negatively effected by hard water with scale build up making cleaning and maintenance expensive and all too frequent.

Skin, hair and towels feel harsh and uncomfortable.

A water softener will solve all these problems so life is easier and far more pleasant for all to enjoy.

The level of concern for Hardness is about 100mg/L but the difference when the water is softened to below 1mg/L is luxuriously soft, smooth water that is a real pleasure to bathe in and it makes cleaning a breeze. Soaps and shampoos, detergents and other cleaning agents used, will be a fraction of what was required before softening the water.


  • Pale, hard, crusty scale deposits on kettles, glassware, dishwashers, windows, shower enclosures, bench tops.
  • Blocked shower rose.
  • Blocked pipes, frequent expensive hot water cylinder element replacements.
  • Water droplets etched onto cars, windows and drained crockery and cutlery.
  • Skin inflammation, dryness and irritation.
  • Hard towels and laundry.
  • Soap scum.

Water Softeners


  • Softening cartridges in in-line housing for single outlets.
  • Whole house softeners for every tap throughout the home.
  • Commercial and Industrial units available.
  • Reduce operating expenses and loss of production in industry.
  • Save on expensive replacements for pipe work, appliances and elements.
  • Protect your valuable assets from premature deterioration.
  • Completely automatic control valves.
  • Soft, cuddly towels and laundry.
  • Soft, calm, happier skin all over.