New Zealand Water Testing Equipment

We use our New Zealand water testing equipment to analyse water from all over the country. By working out what the problem with your water supply is, we can offer you the best solution.

Some of the problems with water in New Zealand identified by our testing equipment are listed in the table below.

Problem Solution
Water cloudy or rusty with fine sediment. Sediment removal cartridge filter or media backwashable unit.
Deposits in tanks, clogged valves in washing machine. Grit leaves and sand in water. In-line flushing strainer.
Taste, odour, chlorine. Carbon based purifier or treatment.
Red / brown iron staining, metallic taste, deposits in hot water cylinder. Iron filtration system.
Black / brown manganese staining. Greensand filtration system.
Aluminium, chemicals, sprays, nitrate pollution, heavy metals. Point-of-use purifier or specific removal media.
Sea-water ingress, brackish water. Reverse Osmosis.
Hard water, heating element burnout, scale in kettle, difficult to get soap to lather. Water softener.
High bacteria counts, animal or septic pollution of water supply. UV Steriliser.
Giardia or Cryptosporidium cyst contamination. Point-of-use Imperial AQUA K or point-of-entry UV Steriliser.
Green / blue staining, green hair, low pH, hot water cylinder corrosion, metallic taste. Neutralising media system.

There are often a combination of problems present and the solutions presented above are only a basic guideline. A water analysis is essential for correct advice on treatment.

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“Water testing equipment and effective water treatment ensures the best New Zealand water for you.”