New Zealand Water Filters

New Zealand Water Filters

If you’re unhappy with the quality of the water in your New Zealand home, water filters may be just what you’re looking for.

Whatever the concern or problem, there is always an answer. It maybe that your water quality will be improved by one of our New Zealand filters or one of our reverse osmosis purifiers or alternative treatment systems. Once the water contamination or concern is correctly assessed, it’s just a matter of finding the best solution from a range of water filter or treatment systems.

Frequently it is only the water to be consumed for drinking, cooking and food preparation that needs to be treated and this can be achieved by a high quality “point-of-use” system.

Sue Kelly water filters are ideal for New Zealand and the water conditions found in this part of the world. Some of the issues relevant to the Sue Kelly’s New Zealand water filters are detailed below.

Nitrates in Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis is the best choice for Nitrate / Nitrite reduction in drinking water as it also dramatically reduces any associated pesticides and microbiological contaminants that may have leached into the water along with the Nitrates / Nitrites.

RO purifiers reduce Nitrates by at least 80% to bring the most dangerous levels down to well within the New Zealand Drinking Water Standard Guideline of 11.3mg/L or 10ppm (parts per million). The EEC countries have established a health guideline of 5.6ppm. South Africa and Germany’s Standard is 4.4ppm.

As well as the widely recognised effects on bottle-fed babies and pregnant women, there is also considerable documented research worldwide indicating other health risks from high Nitrate levels, including increased cancer incidence, miscarriage and birth defects. The health benefits enjoyed through the use of water purifiers and filters in New Zealand and around the world are just now beginning to be realised.

A search for “Nitrate Health report” or a visit to Environmental Working Group shows comprehensive reports of some research done, which may be of interest to those aware of and concerned about increasing Nitrate levels in Canterbury groundwater as confirmed in recent testing of groundwater by E-Can – Environment Canterbury.

Water treatment for Nitrates is achieved with our domestic water purifiers both in New Zealand rural and urban settings, for all cooking, food preparation, hot and cold drinks and especially for bottle-fed infants and pregnant woman. Peace of mind for all concerned about their health and well-being.

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