Sediment Reduction

Sediment Reduction

Creek water, river water, spring water and rural scheme supply are all susceptible to discolouration, high turbidity and dirty water following heavy rain that causes flooding. Dirty water can be easily improved – dramatically and very successfully – making people wonder why they endured the unpleasantness before having it treated.

In-line filters can reduce sediment but if it is too heavy or long term, the maintenance can become onerous and expensive.

We have automatic backwashing units comprised of a media tank and electronic control valve that can reduce the sediment down to within 3-5 micron (40 micron is the smallest visible).

Absolutely no maintainence!

Brilliantly successful compared to cartridges. Saves time, money and elevating the blood pressure wrestling with the problem of blocked filters in the rain.


  • Dirt, sediment, dark brown/black discoloured water from stock water, creeks, rivers.
  • Water you would not ask your dog to drink — “third world” water quality.
  • Grossly discoloured bath water.
  • Unacceptably high turbidity levels (cloudy).
  • Skin problems.


Sediment Reduction

  • Improve the water intake. We offer a range of improvements in this area to reduce the ‘chunky bits’ and grit.
  • Floating weighted intake filter screen — the cleanest water is just under the surface.
  • In-line flushing sediment screens.
  • Pleated, washable sediment filters in varying sized housings.
  • Completely automatic backwashing units utilising a newly developed, unique natural ore Media with many outstanding advantages over commonly sands and multimedia. This highly efficient filtration media is now available to most dramatically reduce dirt and sediment. Absolutely no maintenance! Brilliantly successful!
  • The latest advanced American media typically reduces sediment and suspended solids down to between 3 and 5 micron.