New Zealand Water Purification

New Zealand Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis (RO) process is recognised internationally as one of the most efficient methods of water purification for New Zealand, being capable of removing the widest range of contaminants – including Nitrates.

Salt water can be desalinated using this technology. Spectacularly efficient filtering! The water is forced by water pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane (a bit like “Gladwrap”) to separate molecules. Hydrogen and oxygen = pure water, passing through as crystal clear sparkling pure water for use and the unwanted contaminants and residues flushed away to waste.

This unit is chosen by 9 out of 10 when seeking the best value and the best quality water purification in New Zealand.

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Purification

    • Purification is at a molecular level (0.0005 micron = 80,000 times smaller than anything we can see).
    • Hydrogen and Oxygen passes through for consumption, but not the contaminants.
    • The purified water is stored in a reservoir and replaced automatically when used.
    • 2 prefilters, the Reverse Osmosis membrane and a carbon in-line ‘polishing’ filter give a sweet fresh taste.
    • A range of faucets to choose from.
    • Water flows from a benchtop mounted faucet with a built-in quality monitor which at the touch of a fingertip shows the system is functioning correctly.
    • Suitable for both chlorinated or non chlorinated water.

New Zealand Water Purification

  • The best “point of use system” to safely reduce Nitrates, which affect the transfer of oxygen in the haemoglobin and is most dangerous for pregnant women and bottle-fed babies – methaemoglobinemia (commonly known as “blue baby” syndrome).
  • Typical contaminant rejection percentages range to 99.7% with the average being 91.7%.
  • RO uses no chemicals or electricity only existing water pressure and uses the same process as desalinating saltwater.
  • RO water purification can be used in New Zealand residential, industrial and other situations where mineral-free water is needed.
  • Purified water can be piped to refrigerator, icemaker, hot water dispenser etc…
New Zealand Water Purification

We have a computer generated maintenance service for all clients, so the replacement cartridges (with instructions to change them), automatically arrive to your address by courier, at the manufacturer’s recommended intervals or at your instructions. To change the cartridges usually takes approximately 2 – 5 minutes. In some areas we have maintenance men who will provide a maintenance service to change them if required.

For low water pressure, we have a range of pumps, including in-line booster pumps, available which can be installed in only a few minutes.

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