pH Neutralising

pH Neutralising

The pH of water should be between 7 and 8.5 to be compliant with the current NZ Drinking Water Standards.

Low pH in water makes it acidic, corrosive and aggressive – causing damage to metal pipes and copper fittings, hot water cylinders etc.

This can cause slow leaks and water damage within the walls before the problem is found. The ingestion of heavy metals is an obvious health concern.


  • Blue / green staining on bathroom fittings and shower enclosures, white or light laundry.
  • Blue / green hair on blondes.
  • Low pH, soft acidic water.
  • Heavy metal ingestion from copper and zinc leaching from pipework (metallic taste).
  • Expensive water pipe replacement due to corrosion of copper pipes and fittings.
  • Expensive water damage from slow leaking copper pipework within walls etc.
  • Expensive, too frequent cylinder element replacement.

pH Neutralising


  • Inexpensive unit installed before the water enters the building, to raise and neutralise the low pH.
  • Best “insurance policy” to prevent future major expensive replacement.
  • Wide range of media tank sizes and control valves available.
  • Upflow or down flow available — we can recommend the best option for your application and size required.