Iron & Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide & Arsenic

Sue Kelly offers water treatment solutions for the unique water conditions found here in New Zealand.

The benefits of installing water treatment to reduce Iron and Manganese in well water will be greatly appreciated by all. Seeing toilets, baths and showers discoloured and stained rusty brown / black is demoralising for anyone – especially in a new home.

Light or white coloured laundry with the rusty brown “tie-dyed” effect in not usually welcomed.

Rusty water and rusty staining can be dramatically reduced with the right water treatment for Iron in water.

Different levels of Iron and Manganese in ground water can be treated differently depending on the combinations of other parameters present like Hydrogen Sulphide and / or Arsenic


  • “Browned off” with cleaning problems?
  • Rusty red or brown staining on bathroom fittings, laundry, kettle, toilet bowl etc.
  • Metallic taste.
  • Dissolved iron settles overnight from clear water.
  • Black “sooty” deposit on bathroom fittings, kettle, toilet bowl, grey laundry.
  • Black sludge in pipes.


  • Low or no maintenance iron and manganese removal water treatments for all water entering the home.
  • Automatic backwashing and regeneration or manual control valves.
  • Iron and manganese treatment can be placed In-line or prior to a storage tank – depending on levels of Iron and manganese in the well water.
  • Dramatically reduce Hydrogen Sulphide “rotten eggs” smell.
  • Reduce arsenic.

Dramatic reduction in high levels of Iron, Manganese and Hydrogen Sulphide.

New Zealand Water Filters

We have an extensive range of water treatment & water filter options to combat New Zealand Iron and Manganese problems.

Taking a water sample for analysis will show the levels of Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide and Arsenic present in the well water which will determine which treatment will be the most effective and economical. We can help with taking water samples and providing a written report on the levels present in the water, along with our recommendations for the best treatment option(s), for your consideration.

When the amount of Iron or Manganese exceeds what an in-line pleated cartridge can effectively remove, a media tank fitted with a control valve to reduce the levels is the answer.

Dissolved Iron and Manganese is oxidised to speed precipitation, which is then filtered out, so only clean water enters the home. Treatment can be either in-line or into storage tanks.

We arrange delivery and installation by fully trained and well experienced Registered Plumbers, familiar with all systems.

You can relax knowing that a Registered Plumber with many years practical experience will install the best water treatment – he has had the most comprehensive training and has our complete confidence.