De-Ionising & Carbon


Predominatly used in commercial applications where extremely high purity water is required, the mixed bed resin treatment delivers.

Mixed bed de-ionisation is effective where low levels of total organic carbon (TOC) and totally dissolved solids (TDS) are required.

All untreated raw water contains dissolved chemical impurities called ions. The type and concentration of these ionic impurities will vary considerably.

Positively charged cations – calcium and magnesium result in the inconvenience of soap scum and scale deposits in homes, stream irons etc.

Negatively charged anions – sulphates, carbonates and silicates are also objectionable and unacceptable where ultra-high purity is required e.g. laboratory, photography, electroplating, manufacture of surgical implants, circuit board printing etc.

Cartridges and media tanks are available in a range of differing sizes, plus a range of control valves.

Carbon Water Treatment

Activated carbon media – with highly porous and absorbent qualities is designed to reduce objectionable taste and odour, pesticides, chlorine and it’s by-products (chloramines).

Sue Kelly Water Systems offers refillable carbon cartridges to fit most housings for quick, easy and and economical maintenance.

The media cartridge or tank is placed before the water enters the building to deliver improved safety, taste and clarity of the water so it will be clean, clear, and sparkling for your use.

Receive the benefits of installing one of Sue Kelly’s water filters and drink New Zealand water the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


  • Chlorine Sensitivity.
  • “Swimming pool” taste and odour.
  • Pesticide concerns.
  • Trihalomethane concerns – cancer causing.


  • All water passing through the unit will have dramatically reduced chlorine and other chemicals, with improved safety and taste.