New Zealand Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifier with Sediment reduction, Carbon and Water Softener pre- treatment units

Commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifier with Sediment reduction, Carbon and Water Softener pre- treatment units.

New Zealand Commercial Water Treatment

pH neutralising at a Rest Home. Single reticulation line.

Water treatment systems can be sized and supplied for any Commercial Water Treatment requirements.

Sue Kelly Water Systems can recommend and supply a wide range of commercial water treatment systems as indicated to be necessary for your operation by a recent comprehensive water analysis.

We have a range of pumps, media tanks, electronic control valves, Ultra Violet sterilisers and all water treatment units to effectively reduce; Sediment and Turbidity, Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulphide, Arsenic, Nitrates, Total Hardness, Bacteria, Chlorine and other chemicals and to neutralize acidic/corrosive water due to low pH.

Internationally accepted and recognised water treatment solutions can be utilised in varying capacities to reduce non- compliant parameters in water sources and specific treatment units installed for industry-specific requirements.

Water treatment systems can be “stand alone” or in sequence as preliminary treatment prior to commercial Reverse Osmosis units.
Depending on space allocation and layout, the units can be mounted within the stainless steel frame housing the commercial RO unit.

Commercial Sediment reduction units to reduce suspended solids and turbidity are installed with electronic control valves for completely automatic backwashing and rinsing.
Utilising the latest American media ensures particulate reduction down to within 3 to 5 micron range, even from very turbid water sources.
(Smallest visible size is around 40 micron)
Available in a complete range of tank and valve sizes for all capacities.

Commercial Ultra Filtration Membrane water treatment units are available in a range of capacities.  Installed following a Sediment reducing unit as above, filtration is achieved down to 0.2 micron, from high turbidity feed water.
Ultra Filtration (UF) is usually installed in conjunction with a Reverse Osmosis unit or as the last pass for extremely high quality water.

Commercial Iron and Manganese reduction units are available and are utilised, based on a comprehensive water analysis, to reduce different amounts and types of Iron and Manganese present in the source water.
Completely automatic backwashing and/or regenerating control valves are used with a wide range of tank sizes and capacities.

Commercial pH neutralising units to reduce corrosion issues are available in a complete range for all commercial water usages, with top port for efficient periodic media replenishment.
Choice of control valves for backwashing or up-flow water valves to reduce media consolidation.

Commercial Water Softeners are installed to protect boilers and hot water cylinders from expensive scale buildup within the reticulation lines and hot water cylinder elements and for commercial ovens, to reduce cleaning expenses.
As a preliminary treatment before Reverse Osmosis, this treatment reduces feed water hardness and prolongs the RO membrane.

Commercial Chlorine and chemical reduction units, also in a complete range of capacities, utilise very high grade activated carbon, to dramatically reduce chlorine, taste and odour.

Commercial Ultra Violet water sterilisers are available in a wide range of capacities with UV optional intensity monitoring of % UV output and remote monitoring facilities.
Ultra Violet treatment ensures a complete safeguard from all microbiological contaminants – including E.coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter – all bacteria, viruses and cysts of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

New Zealand Commercial Water TreatmentNew Zealand Commercial Water TreatmentNew Zealand Commercial Water Treatment

pH neutralising and Water Softening at a Retirement Village. Double reticulation lines for greater flow and to ensure 50% availability during maintenance that is done in periods of low water use.

Working in conjunction with the recommendations of a retired university professor, Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd have designed and installed equipment to reduce the intermittent acidic water that can create corrosion issues in copper water reticulation lines in Retirement Villages, Rest Homes & Hospitals and Supermarkets.

New Zealand Commercial Water TreatmentNew Zealand Commercial Water Treatment

pH neutralising at a large supermarket. Manually flushable in-line screen mesh sediment filters mounted on dual reticulation lines. Stainless steel manifolds before and after treatment units.

Commercial Water Treatment Installations

Sediment filtration and Ultra Violet water sterilising equipment has been installed in an ice manufacturing facility.

Two Water Softeners and commercial Reverse Osmosis units (capacity 800GPD and 4500GPD) have been installed in different areas within a Christchurch manufacturing company.

Pre-treatment and a commercial Reverse Osmosis unit have been installed into a manufacturing facility that requires extremely high quality water to attain compliance for their products in the international market.

Sediment reduction, pH neutralising and multiple Ultra Violet water sterilisers have been installed in a public campsite in the South Island where the source water is taken from a shallow underground gallery near to a river.

Commercial Water Softeners and stainless steel manifolds were installed in a large Christchurch Rest Home and Hospital to dramatically reduce the scale  and  maintenance problems experienced throughout the establishment’s reticulation and boiler house.

Sediment reduction, filtration and Ultra Violet water treatment units have been installed in several hospitality premises on the West Coast of the South Island.

Filtration and a very large Ultra Violet (multiple lamps) unit have been installed into a meat processing and packaging facility.

Automatic backwashing sediment reduction unit, filtration and multiple UV units, to treat and safeguard surface water, have been installed at an outdoor education facility in the South Island.

Carbon pre-treatment and a 3000GPD commercial Reverse Osmosis water purifier followed by 0.2 micron absolute filtration in a stainless steel housing and UV treatment is to be installed for a sterile water supply in the North Island.

Following the earthquakes in Christchurch, we provided cartridge filtration and Ultra Violet units for many city Dentists, who were very aware of the possible detrimental health implications of using the dubious quality water available at the time. Being concerned about their client’s health, we were impressed by many Dentists assuming responsibility and providing the necessary safeguard and total peace of mind for their valued clients.

City schools providing cooking classes and businesses that prepare and manufacture food, installed varying sizes of cartridge filtration and Ultra Violet water sanitizing equipment to allow them to continue after the earthquakes.

“New Zealand water purification from Sue Kelly, the New Zealand water specialists.”