Brackish Water — a world-wide problem

Brackish Water SolutiomnWhat is Brackish water?

The interface where salt water and fresh water meet (an estuary) is an area of Brackish water with high levels of Sodium, Chloride and Totally Dissolved Solids. It also occurs underground. Internationally, as underground aquifiers diminish, the water pressure from the land to the sea reduces to allow salt water to move further inland (salt water intrusion), sometimes with the tides. The high levels of minerals in the ground water exceed normally acceptable standards for domestic use and create significant problems with corrosion of hot water cylinder elements, causing them to fail prematurely. Animals are also negatively affected when this water is used for stock troughs.

What Are The Health Effects Of Excess Salt Intake?

Negative health effects of excessive salt intake include hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiac enlargement, oedema (fluid retention), duodenal and gastric ulcers, heartburn and others.

To dramatically reduce the sodium and chloride being ingested is a very prudent “health insurance policy”. The damage and operating costs of dairy or household hot water cylinders are dramatically reduced.

The benefits to human health and well-being are priceless.

How Can Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd Help?

Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd has been aware of some wells in NZ that have unusually high Sodium and Chloride levels from salt water intrusion, but the traditional commercial “Reverse Osmosis” (RO) water purifiers capable of treating the volume of water needed are usually too expensive for household and stock water use. Sue Kelly Water Systems can size and supply Brackish water RO water treatment units from small domestic to very large commerical units at very competitive prices.

Russell Kelly of World Wide Water Ltd (an associated water treatment company) had originally been asked to develop a cost-effective water treatment unit suitable for coastal areas in Asia where the people’s health is badly affected by using Brackish water from shallow wells. However, he also discovered that there are increasing areas within NZ with underground salt water intrusion creating the same problem.

Russell Kelly has developed a domestic Brackish Water RO system that is perfect for these situations, regardless of where the problem exists. The new Brackish RO unit is deceptively simple but ideal for this type of ground water and at a far more economical cost than traditional commercial RO systems.

The domestic Brackish RO unit incorporates a pump to achieve the water pressure required to push the water through the RO membrane and reduce the amount of Sodium Chloride and thus reduce the Totally Dissolved Solids, allowing this water to be used without damage to householders’ health and their properties.

The Brackish RO household unit is compact, easy to install and is capable of producing up to 2500 Litres of treated water a day. The larger models have significantly greater capavity.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

“Reverse Osmosis” is the process of water being pushed under pressure against a semi-permeable membrane that allows Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules to pass through to be used, and dissolved substances (Sodium, Chloride and other minerals) to be washed away to waste.

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