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Welcome to Sue Kelly Water Systems Ltd

Choose today from our comprehensive range of water filters, water purifiers and water treatment units so you can relax and enjoy water, the way it should be - clean, clear, safe and pure.

What we offer you:

  • To market high quality water treatment, water filters and water purifiers to improve and safeguard our client's water and well-being.
  • The best consultation, assessment and treatment of water with our extensive specialised experience and practical, workable solutions.
  • To provide high quality, effective and affordable water treatment systems, water filters and water purifiers.
  • Our company has over 27 years experience assessing and treating water from any source and with many personal referrals, we have hundreds of satisfied inter-generational and repeat customers.
  • We are absolutely committed to improving water quality for you and your family.
  • We understand your concerns. We listen. We do care about water quality.
  • With our quality water treatment installed at your place you can relax and enjoy clean, clear, water and peace of mind in knowing it is safe for all your uses.
  • We know our stuff – you can trust us to do it right first time.
  • What is your concern? We have solutions to Campylobacter and other bacteria, Giardia and Cryptosporidium.
  • Nitrates and other effects of intensive farming practices.
  • Chlorine or Miox added to the water.
  • Fluoride added to the water.
  • Our company operates under Maybury's Law:
    "Do every thing you have agreed to do.
    Do not encroach on another person or his property."
  • For high quality drinking water systems and effective solutions to your water problems - contact us today.

    A water filter or drinking water system and water treatment equipment from Sue Kelly, the New Zealand water specialists.